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Man who killed family as fake doctor gets freed

Frenchman who killed his parents, wife and children in a case that inspired a book and two films is to be freed on Friday after 26 years in jail.

Before the murders, Jean-Claude Romand, now 65, spent 18 years pretending to be a medical student and then a researcher at the World Health Organization (WHO).

He was in fact making money by taking cash from family friends and claiming to invest them in Switzerland.

He went on a killing spree in 1993 as his fraud was about to be exposed.

Romand – who was widely regarded as a model student – failed to turn up for his first-year exam at the Lyon medical school in 1974.

He was allowed to repeat the first year for the next 12 years and never took the exam.

However he told his friends that he was following normal medical studies, and eventually that he had become a doctor.

Living a double life
He went on to pretend that he had got a job at the Geneva-based WHO. In in fact he was spending his days driving near the border area between France and Switzerland, and occasionally visited the WHO’s public information service.

In 1980 he married his girlfriend, and went on to have two children with her in the late-1980s. He would sometimes tell his family that he was on foreign trips, then stay in motorway rest areas for several days, and return home with gifts.

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