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Pastor admits raping and Killing victims

Keith Bird, a 51year old Pastor having admitted guilt to 14 charges, in a 3-year crime spree, ranging from rape to murder has been sentenced to 50-years in prison.

The man who resides at Michelle’s Plain was sentenced by a Western Cape High court after he entered a plea and sentencing agreement with the State that he killed his ex-fiance An-Niesa Bardien, 36, six years ago.

Bird said he strangled Bardien until she lost consciousnesses and “crushed her head” by hitting her several times with a rock before burying her corpse in a shallow grave.

This was in January 2013 but four months later, raped and strangled Sharvonne Koense, 20, a young woman he had met at a party on May 18, 2013.

After a conversation, he had convinced Koense to walk with him; he lured her into the bushes near Baden Powell Road in Tafelsig where he raped and strangled her.

Her half-naked body was discovered that same day.

Bird admitted guilt to four charges of crimen injuria for recording himself having sex with a colleague and showing the recording to four co-workers.

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