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INEC Shut Self in the foot with incorrect results

By Announcing The wrong Results INEC has availed The Nigerian Judicial System of a Golden Opportunity To Right The Wrongs associated with the February 2019 Presidential Elections

By Mike O. Enahoro

What many people do not know is that, the GEJ PDP led government put in place a system that only allows election rigging only if you can buy votes at the Unit levels. This is because, at each level; Wards, LGAs, State and National Collation Centres, results are inputted into the system that hits INEC server directly. That means, the most reliable results at the moment will be those collated at the Ward collating Centres which is closer to the electorates.

Usually, results collated at each respective units must agree before it is imputed into the system at the Wards, so it is at the LGAs and States levels of collations. Unfortunately, as we speaks now, the National Collations Centre cannot boast of announcing results which agrees with what came from the Wards, a very bad situation that have placed INEC in a state of dilemma. The above therefore has created the impression that, the result that declared PMB as winner in the just concluded general election will not only be an alleged but manipulated hard copies from State returning Officers.

If we have laws that directly send Returning Officer to death by handing or stuff like that without option of fine when found wanting in the manipulation of results, with this system checkmating process, credibility of INEC process and handling can be improved upon.

So, it is been alleged therefore that, INEC altered the State by State results in favour and to announced what declared PMB as the winner.

This is not about PDP or APC but a system already put in place.

It is no longer news that, the PDP Candidate of the just concluded presidential election, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has gone to court to seek that, the Court declare him the true winner of the election but what is news is that, the certified true copy of the INEC server results as collated from the original data which are meant to have informed what the State by State announced results shows that, Atiku got 18,356,732 while Buhari got 16,741,430 votes excluding the votes from Rivers State in which, Atiku is said to have defeated Buhari when it was announced later after what reflected in the server have been saved… To the above extent, it is very clear that, INEC shut itself for not announcing the correct results in which, the results at the Wards, LGAs, States should have all agree at the National Collation Centre.

This article is therefore setting an agenda by asking two fundamental questions;

1-Why should we trust the result emanating from a process that is very close and opened to manipulation than a system that can be traced to have raw data at the ward level which is more closer to correctness?

2-Do we protect a system that will help our future or protect Buhari/INEC because of the immediate benefit of the few? I leave the answer to my audience and critics.

If the Court speaks the truth without unnecessarily hiding under guise of technicalities, it will save the future, protect our electoral system such that, future INEC handlers will do it better so Nigerians can develop confidence in the system and participate fully in future elections believing that, their votes will always count.

To fix or further destroy Nigeria, Nigerians are presently looking up to the lawyers and by implication, the Judiciary to correct the abnormalities created and orchestrated by politicians and Civil Servants in name of INEC as well as all those who compromised during the process.

Whether or not Buhari or Atiku wins in the end, what is key to some of us is that, a reliable INEC system will be in the making if members of the Judiciary join hands irrespective of their respective clients to fix Nigeria. It is either they help to fix our dear nation now or destroys it further to the detriment of us all and the generation yet unborn.

I am by this calling on all and sundry to consider Nigeria First.

Enahoro writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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