Thursday, August 22, 2019


Dear friends:
I am writing to bring important update to you on our God-inspired and compelling project to clean up Nigeria from bottom to top. We have made a lot of progress. The attached profile, THE NEW CLEAN NIGERIA PROJECT is a brief summary.
The job of cleaning up Nigeria is an important job for every decent Nigerian. Most Nigerians want to participate in such worthy cause, but do not know where or how to begin. 
I am especially interested in the important role that you, your network nationwide, and other decent citizens of our nation can play in this compelling mission to dismantle and evacuate the undesirable leadership that has mutilated Nigeria for years. A country that has produced decent and intelligent men and women cannot be watched idly to bleed to death because of the primitive greed of a few men. In the past, we watched helplessly in unbelief because we did not know what to do. But now, we can do something. A clean platform has been created for me and you to stand on and dismantle bad leadership. We now have WE THE PEOPLE NIGERIA as a clean, credible, and selfless alternative to PDP and APC. We can bring our network into this clean platform. We can be on the driver's seat in this clean moving train. We can spread the good news. Membership is open to all Nigerians, and people may register online under membership from the website,
We are also assembling a powerful team of media professionals– electronic, print, and social media experts, as individuals, who will commit to working with us, through their writings, media reports, and blogs, as change agents that will  get most Nigerians to fully own this project, and unite under WE THE PEOPLE NIGERIA to take back their mutilated country in 2019. 
The time is now. The attached summary on THE NEW CLEAN NIGERIA PROJECT will give you good insight on our strategy. I have also attached a copy of our Constitution and Manifesto for your review. We want Nigerians to own this vision; the message of the clean and selfless platform WE THE PEOPLE NIGERIA should go viral, as we mobilize over 50 million people on that platform to take back our mutilated country. People can join the movement online by going to the You will enjoy reading our attached Manifesto, which all Nigerians can download free of charge, own their personal copy, and should hold us 100% accountable for. 
It is no longer acceptable for you and me to continue to helplessly stand by and watch the pain and sufferings of the voiceless poor of Nigeria as a spectator. Now that you have a clean platform to stand on and operate from, in what ways can you deploy your talent, skills and resources to save Nigeria through WE THE PEOPLE NIGERIA? I look forward to connecting with you deeply and completely, and to working with you in many ways for a new clean Nigeria.  
My phone is 08060493334. With warm regards.
Respectfully yours,
Prof. Peter U. Nwangwu, Pharm.D.,Ph.D.

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