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Nigerian children desire quality Education

School children are asking both Federal and state governments across Nigeria to make better provisions so they can attain quality education.

The school children who are Senior students of Imaguero Girls College, Benin City were speaking on the occasion of  the Sustainable Development Goals or  SDGs awareness campaign program, organized by an NGO called Initiative for Climate Education and Energy Awareness or ICEEA.

The students said that the kind of education they desire is one where schools are accessible with decent and habitable classrooms equipped with electricity, water, laboratories and libraries.

They also said in a changing world and increasing unemployment among school leavers, there is an urgent need to adapt the school curriculum to include the teaching of life skills.

They listed such skills as Hair care, fashion design, Catering, Computer Appreciation among others even as they called for the employment of qualified teachers.

All these they said will help the country actualize Goal 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) which Member states of the United Nations including Nigeria have expressed commitment.

The SDGs awareness campaign featured the inauguration of Climate Awareness Club And installation of members of the Goal 13 Ambassadorsin the school by ICEEA.

Founder of ICEEA, Mr Victor Ofure OSEHOBO, who facilitated the campaign said the event targeting 100 schools in Edo state by the end of the year was the 4th in the series.

“At Imaguero we spoke about how the students can individually take action and partner with colleagues, friends, relatives and people they regularly interact with to support the Global goals”.

He said, “we also dwelt extensively on how they can reduce their carbon footprint which is the amount of greenhouse gases they produce with their activities and contributes to climate change”.

He then urged school heads across the state to partner with his organization to bring the program to their doorsteps if only to create an army of better informed and enlightened students.

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