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Why we are teaching SDGs

The founder of an environment group, Initiative for Climate Education and Energy Awareness, ICEEA,  Mr Victor Ofure OSEHOBO has explained his rationale for teaching sustainable development goals, SDGs in schools and communities.

He said the objective is to create awareness, so that citizens can better understand climate change and renewable energy issues.

He added it is also to instill in them, a sense of duty for the planet and a personal obligation to protect and preserve it.

Osehobo was addressing newsmen in Benin City, the Edo state capital at the weekend and said  that the group was formed to cultivate in Africans, an admiration and concern  for the Earth’s future.

Created in 2017 initially as Media Network for Climate Education (MNCE), he said MNCE was later registered and commenced operations as Initiative for Climate Education and Energy Awareness (ICEEA).

“From genesis ICEEA’s mission was to create and promote public awareness and participation in addressing the challenges of climate change in Africa”.

” The target are vulnerable groups like women, children and resource-poor men, at the grassroots, especially rural dwellers”

Osehobo added that the ICEEA mission tallies with the Sustainable Development Goal 13, which is, “taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”.

He said that ICEEA’s vehicle to actualize this is the raising up of Goal 13 Ambassadors through their membership of Climate Awareness Clubs.

He said people in these clubs in schools and communities will be desirous to participate in learning about and working towards the sustainability of the planet.

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