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Students want affordable and clean energy for all Nigerians

Students are calling on the Federal government to explore quicker and cost effective ways to provide affordable and clean energy for the country and reduce the nation's greenhouse gas emissions.

They say clean energy from the sun or wind will boost the nation's technological and industrialization drive with cheap public electricity supply which is harmless to the environment.

Though expensive they say it van guarantee regular uninterrupted power supply to a larger segment of the growing population who are now forced to rely on hazardous gasoline generators.

Mostly senior secondary school students they also say that the country's endorsement of the Paris agreement with a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 20 – 40 Per cent by the year 2030 like many countries in the world is only good on paper if their suggestion is not heeded.

"What we saying is that because the country is still generating electricity using coal and fossil fuels like natural gas which are harmful to the air and over the years proved grossly inadequate to meet the energy needs of the nation, renewable energy is the way forward".

Commending the Nigerian government for its commitment to the Paris agreement in the face of daunting challenges, the students were of the view that the vast acres in of land across the country from the north to the south and east to west could be harnessed to meet the country's solar expectations.

The students position was part of a communique they issued at their   inauguration as members of the Winrose Secondary School Climate Awareness Club by the Initiative for Climate Education and Energy Awareness, ICEEA, an NGO.

The communique, was read by Edith Ofure Eaifoh who is the President of the Climate awareness club of the Winrose Secondary School, Obe,  near Benin City, in the company of the three other members of the communique drafting committee.

Present with her were 42 fellow students and the three other executive members of the club  namely Omorogieva Stella, secretary, Osemade Ebele, treasurer and Oamen Jeremiah, the public relations officer.

Eaifoh was one of three participants who scored 100% in the quiz at the event and was elected President by others. Over 40 participants scored 75% and above while the only participant who scored 45% got a gift of a notebook.

Eaifoh and her new Executive officers who will be in office for one academic session also took time to sign the Paris agreement support pledge which is a commitment to share the knowledge gained at the climate awareness program with fellow students who were not present as well as family and friends.

The event featured the screening of climate change films, a climate talk on carbon footprint by the Founder of the NGO, Mr Ofure Osehobo, and a quiz session where the participants displayed apprehension about the dangers posed to the Earth by greenhouse gases.

He said the decision to set up Climate Awareness Clubs in schools and communities across the state was to help create awareness about the impacts of climate change so the public is informed and educated about adaptation strategies.

He commended Winrose for being the first to have such clubs inaugurated in any school in the country, promising that 99 other schools will soon have similar clubs.

Principal of the school, Mr Igbons Kingsley, a geography graduate who applauded the decision of ICEEA to erect a climate awareness club in his school.

He said that it will afford the students a greater opportunity to network to share information about climate change especially as many of them are Geography students.

Messrs. Godwin Olorunyomi Ekpadi facilitated the Q and A as well as the quiz session of the event while Mr Joe Ezeobi who is the Secretary led the delegation to appreciate the Principal of the school for his magnanimity.

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