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Initiative for #Climateeducation and #energy Awareness (ICEEA)


(motto…there is no Planet B)

Initiative for Climate Education and Energy Awareness (ICEEA) is a voluntary #non-governmental, #nonprofit #Nigerian #Environment organization registered with the aim of actualizing number 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals, #SDGs which is, “taking urgent action to combat #climatechange and its impacts”.

ICEEA’s mission is to create public awareness and promote adaptability to the impacts of climate change in Africa through systematic gathering of information, documentation, dissemination and service delivery. 

Our target is #vulnerable groups like #women, #children and #resource-poor men, at the grassroots, especially rural dwellers, using community, participatory methods.

ICEEEA’s focus on raising awareness on issues of climate change hinged on the fact that it is at low ebb especially amongst the vulnerable groups.

Our vision is to become a leading centre of excellence in Africa providing essential and up-to-date information and services in climate education and #renewable energy.

1. To inform and educate the public about climate change and its impact on humanity and the environment by organizing awareness campaigns.

2.    To advocate for ways to make the society a more sustainable living environment free from pollution that generates #greenhouse gases which cause climate change.

3. To promote public awareness about renewable energy policies and programmes designed to tackle climate change.

4. To network and collaborate with organizations that will provide linkages to support systems that will facilitate achieving our aims and objectives in the public interest.

1. Community outreach and Awareness campaigns.
2. Advocacy, rallies and lobby
3. Documentation
4. Publications
5. Social media presence.

FOR Enquiries/Correspondence:
Contact Person:
#OSEHOBO VICTOR OFURE (Journalist, Geography Educator, #YALI graduate)
Initiative for Climate Education and Energy Awareness (#ICEEA)
1 Reservation Road, GRA,
Benin City. Nigeria.
Tel: +234 80 66062264
Twitter: @earthrealitynow

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