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What is the Paris Agreement?

• Historic deal between 195
nations and parties to cut
dangerous greenhouse gas
emissions and confront the
climate crisis together as
one planet.

• Goal is to limit global
temperature rise to well below 2
degrees Celsius, with best efforts
to limit rise to below 1.5 degrees.

• Each country and party set a
target for how much it would
cut emissions and take action
domestically, and provided a roadmap and commitment to reaching this goal in its nationally determined Contribution (NDC).

• Went into force in November 2016 after over 55 countries responsible for over 55 percent of global emissions formally joined the agreement.

• At a time when heat records are
falling, seas are rising, and dangerous Droughts and storms are hitting more and more often, the Paris Agreement unites world leaders and citizens in working together to solve the crisis That threatens the planet we all share.

• With 195 countries and parties
committing to cut emissions, the
message to markets and governments around the world is clear: Dirty fossil Fuels are the past and the future is renewable.

• By accelerating the shift to a clean Energy economy worldwide, the Paris Agreement also encourages investors and businesses to grow the clean tech sector….

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