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Edo pupils get training on drug abuse

Pupils of Fortune High School in Benin-City, the Edo State capital, were, last Wednesday sensitised on the effects of drug abuse and how to overcome drug addiction.

The event was organised by members of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students (PANS), with the objective to sensitise 10,000 secondary school pupils in the state on the negative effects of drug abuse.

It was organised by Anti-Drug Misuse and Abuse Programme (ADMAP) in partnership with PANS and Kalligraphy, a non-governmental organisation(NGO).

ADMAP Chairman Isaac Ehimen said the campaign was to reduce the rate of drug addiction among the youth. He said it would be fulfilling to advise the pupils against the vice before being influenced into the use of narcotics.

Isaac told the pupils: “Once addiction sets in, the victim is helpless. He will start to behave uncontrollably and his Brain Reward Center will create the urge to repeat the experience.”

On how to overcome addiction, a representative of Kalligraphy, Ezekiel Efeobhokhan, gave two tips. He said: “First, you must open up on it. You need to speak to someone of authority about it. It could be your teacher, parents or religious leader. The tendency to keep addiction secret may further endanger the lives of addicts.

“The other step is to avoid loneliness and idleness. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. When you are busy, the devil will not be able to use you.”

The sensitisation also featured a question and answer session. Souvenirs that would educate the pupils on the consequences of drug abuse were distributed freely.

A teacher, Francis Uhunmwangho, praised the students for the campaign, saying it would help the pupils to drop bad habits.

Edo pupils get training on drug abuse • Naija Center News

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